Coaching Sessions

Today coaching is conducted very effectively via video platforms like Zoom. I can also arrange to work by phone but being able to “see” each other is much more beneficial.

After our free 30 minute consultation, two coaching packages are offered:

  • 3 month package (12 sessions) $2599
  • 6 month package (24 sessions) $4500

Fees are payable in advance as a retainer for the time we will work together. If, after our first full coaching hour together, you feel you haven’t been helped, all fees will be gladly refunded.

“You cannot change any experience that has already taken place. You either relive it day after day, stuck in a routine of repetition, or you find a way out of the cycle until you are on a new pathway. Whether in your mind or in your life, something has to change…. to change.” Madame K Poetess

Equine Therapy


I also offer, by special arrangement, equine therapy, long known to promote remarkable emotional safety and growth in people with issues around self-confidence, communication, trust, impulse control, and the establishment of healthy boundaries.

Since horses communicate entirely without judgement, through body language and energy, it’s easy for clients to create a connection with the horse. Interaction between client, coach, and horse promotes a wide range of skill building in a very hands on way in an environment that encourages a person to be very present and focused on the task at hand.

Contact me to discuss how this may be relevant to your circumstances.

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