Life Coaching

Self-Discovery, Problem Solving, and Growth

“Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside”.
– Steven Covey

What Are You Ready For?

Discover your purpose.

Connect with the people you care about.

Feel joy, hope and happiness.

Get unstuck.

Find work/life balance.

Handle everyday stress and anxiety.

Set goals and plan for the future.

Dream (bigger)!


How Can Life Coaching Help Me?

Every coaching and life situation is different; you are unique too. Here are some of the issues commonly resolved by my coaching clients in our work together:

Engaging in difficult conversations.
Giving yourself permission to dream (bigger).
Listening to your own intuition.
Staying hopeful or engaged.
Self acceptance or judgement.
Being alone with yourself.
Going toward joy and happiness.
Overcoming limiting beliefs.
Feeling comfortable in your own skin.
Being seen.
Managing anger
Trusting yourself or others.
Recognizing your own creativity.
Setting healthy boundaries.
Knowing your own value.
Creating work/life balance.
Finding motivation.
Finding forgiveness.

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching developed in the 1960’s during the humanistic movement which was based on the assumption that the client was a whole person in possession of positive resources. Life coaching has a purpose and style different from traditional therapy in some very important ways. It’s entirely goal driven, and the goal is entirely the clients.

The interaction between coach and client is one of collaboration which seeks to bring awareness to the client of some of the positive resources the client has but that they often remain unaware of. Clients come away as well with more clarity, motivation, self awareness, resourcefulness, and the ability, with these tools, to live a more fulfilled life on a daily basis.

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Jonathan Elliott – Life Coach

Jonathan Elliott is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, a graduate of the INLP Center and member of the International Coach Federation.

He’s a lifelong adventurer, musician, still loves horses and the ocean, and lives in Southern Oregon on an 8 1/2 acre wooded retreat.

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Jonathan Elliot